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How to Find a Good Home Builder

Building your dream house is not that easy. There are lots of things that you need to work on which will require you a tremendous amount of time and energy. From the design to the blueprints, from finding a lot on where to build it to the builders who would do it, it would certainly drain you up. This is why it is very important that you find a good custom builder that would materialize your dream home.

custom designed bathroom

Since there are numerous companies that offer custom home building services, it might be tricky for you to find the one that you would be able to work with. However, there are some simple things that you can keep in mind which will help you to determine which one is the best. Here are some pointers that you can consider.


In order to determine if your contractor is qualified to build your home, make sure that he or she has proper licenses and certifications. Most companies already has these documents ready upon your request. Usually, there is a licensing exam that the home builders are required to take before they acquire licenses. This is to ensure that they are really fit for the business.


Years of experience is different from the years in the industry. Some companies are just starting but the professionals working for them already have exceptional expertise as custom builders, so you can be assured that you can get a quality job. On the other hand, there are some companies that are already in the business for so many years but the people working for them are newbies. This is also something that you should consider. make sure they are aligned and affiliated with local Victorian industry bodies.

Rates and Pricing

Not all of the expensive service is equal to excellent service. There are some contractors that are good at looking at your money, but the service provided is disputable. Make sure to find a company or a contractor that would provide you with a transparent breakdown of all the expenses and everything that you need to pay for in building your house, including their service fee. Also, you must also be able to understand every item that you are paying for, and you can ask your contractor to explain them to you.

Recommendations and Referrals

This is something that you might disregard, but important just as well. What the previous clients have to say about their services clearly reflects upon their reputation as a company. If you have friends or relatives who have done custom home building, be sure to ask them for recommendations and feedback.

There are lots of reasons why you deserve the best contractor in building your dream house. Once your house is finally built, it is considered as a milestone in your life, and it should therefore be perfect. You would not want your dream house to be built by someone who does a questionable job.

Three reasons why you should hire professional movers

It is very challenging to move into a new home. Doing it by yourself can cause several problems and can be time-consuming as well. So, it is better to hire professional movers for the job. These are main reasons why you should hire professional movers.

1. They know their job well

Professional movers are very experienced. They have done this many times and knew their work well. They can do things much quickly and in an organized manner. They know how to handle stuff carefully so that none of your household items is damaged.

2. They have the necessary tools

You may not have the necessary tools at home needed to make the shift. Moving companies are well equipped with things such as packing tape, boxes, bubble wrap, etc. They know which item needs what type of packing material. It lets your stuff to be transported to the new place safely.

3. You can get insurance for damage

If you try to make the move yourself, there is a chance that you may damage some of your stuff. Professional movers have insurance. So, if there is any damage, it will be covered. You don’t need to worry about the condition of your household items anymore.

Even though hiring a professional mover can be costly, it will eventually save your money in the long run and relieve you from the stress of moving to a new house. By hiring a professional mover, you can get time to concentrate on more important tasks like decorating your new home instead. Your shift from the old house to the new one will be very smooth and comfortable.

Four tips for finding the best house painters in your city

It is always better to hire a professional painter to paint your house. To get the best person for the job, consider the following tips.

Meet the painters


Choose at least three different professionals for the job from online search or recommendations from friends and others. Observe how long they take to assess your home. The longer he takes, it is more likely that the estimate will be accurate.

Tell about your expectations


You should explain to the painter what you expect from him. You should let him know how many coats of paint you want, your budget, etc. Tell him whether you want the imperfections in your surface to be fixed or not before applying the paint.

Get estimates


Get a written estimate from each contractor. The estimate should be elaborate and broken down to include labor cost, material cost, etc. You should have a detailed description of the brand and models of materials used, amount and level of surface preparation needed, etc.

Check past work and references


You should get a list of references from previous clients. If necessary, you should call them to find out about the painter. If you get some positive feedback, then you can rely on them. Check out the recent projects of the painter.

If the painter has a membership of a trade union or business group, then it’s a good sign. They are likely to do a better job. Membership to these groups guarantees that these painters provide high-quality work and can be trusted. Paint of the house contributes a lot to the look of your home. So, it is critical to hire a good professional painter for your home.

How much will a new home cost you?

Buying a new home can be costly. Knowing the approximate cost of purchasing a new home can help you make a right decision and also give you time to arrange for the money. You should consider the following costs when buying a new house.e

Major upfront costs

It comprises 15% to 20% of the expense of the home. The deposit is usually 5%. If the deposit is more, it is more likely that you will get a mortgage with a low-interest rate. You may have to pay stamp duty if the cost of your house is £ 125,001 or more. You need to pay the valuation charge which can be £150 to £1,500 depending on the value of the property. You should hire a surveyor before buying a house. The surveyor will tell you whether the house is in good condition or not. The cost may be £250 to £600. You need a lawyer to carry out your legal works related to the property. They will charge between £250 and £300. There is the estate agent’s fee for negotiating the agreement. It is 1% to 3% of the price of the property plus 20% VAT. The removal cost of moving from one house to another is £300 to £600.

Mortgage costs

Mortgage fee includes the booking fee, valuation fee, and arrangement fee. These may total up to £2,500. The booking fee may range from £99 – £250; mortgage valuation fee £150 or more; and arrangement fee of £2,000.

Ongoing costs

You have to take account costs of maintenance and repairs of your house. On average, new homeowners need to spend £5,750 on maintenance and repairs. You need to have insurance for your house to protect it from fire, flood and other disasters. The insurance amount depends on what the policy covers. You will have to pay the council tax, utility bills, broadband and TV bills, etc.

Besides these costs, you need to keep a budget aside for various hidden costs as well. All these estimations will help you have a good budget for your new home.